Caitlin Kirrane

Caitlin Kirrane | Teen Run CharitiesCaitlin Kirrane is a Senior at Mount Alvernai High School in Newton, Mass.  Each year Cailtin volunteers  her time and spirit to a cause that she feels needs her help. This year, when planning Caitlin’s surprise 18th birthday party, her family wanted to honor Caitlin’s philanthropic  nature.   The most logical way to do this, was to ask guests to bring gifts they would have given Caitlin, but donate them to the Under the Tree Foundation.

Everyone who Rsvp’d to the invitation commented on what a great idea this was, because they all knew how strongly Caitlin feels about helping others.  This made it easy for her friends to donate and celebrate Caitlin at the same time.  Caitlin has always told people that she is fortunate to have a loving family, sweet boyfriend and great friends and knows how important it is to help others who don’t have all that she has.  The gifts from Caitlin’s party contributed significantly to the gifts donated in the 2010 holiday year from the Under the Tree Foundation to the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester.

This winter, Caitlin is applying to colleges to study graphic design and has every intention of volunteering at her future school.

The Under the Tree Foundation appreciates Caitlin’s giving spirit and appreciates the difference she made this holiday season!