2013 Gratitude From the BGCD

Thank you to all our supporters for another great holiday season.  We want to share the gratitude from the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester.


Twas the week after Christmas

And all through the Club

The children were laughing and eating good grub

The games room was filled with lots of good cheer

Everyone was happy with another good year

The teens in their beanie caps and new jeans

Feeling like they are royalty… young kings and young queens

This holiday was one they will not soon forget

The photo booth line was where some of them met!

The party, the gifts, and the love behind the show

Means more to these kids than you ever could know

A thank you alone does not seem enough

To thank The Under the Tree Foundation is rather tough!

Now go get some rest and you should feel good too

A Happy New Year is what we wish for each of you!

Thanks for another great year