Letter of Gratitude

Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester –Holy Family Parish Back Pack Project

Kyla and her sister Keira know what it means to be happy. They have a lot of love in their family and a lot of hope in their hearts. They know what it means to be polite. They always say please and thank you.  They know what it feels like to dance to music and feel the beat. They are often in the Music Clubhouse and take Hip Hop Lessons. They know what it means to be a good friend. They share secrets and play games with the other kids at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester. They know what it means to be part of a team. They play floor hockey and basketball and are on the swim team.

Kyla and Keira also know what it means to be hungry. Their mom doesn’t have a lot of money and often works late so they eat dinner here at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester‘s Kids Café. They know what it feels like to want a special pair of sneakers like some of the other kids but not be able to afford them. They also know what it means to go to school and not have all the supplies they need. They started in a new Charter school in September 2009, and they would come home with a list of “recommended” school supplies but their mom would tell them she couldn’t get everything on the list.  Keira said her teacher would be upset and say that she needed the supplies. Kyla’s teacher wasn’t mad – she said she understood.

This past summer we were fortunate enough to receive backpacks filled with supplies from the youth group at Holy Family Parish in Duxbury.  Kyla and Keira were some of the first recipients of the backpacks.  They were thrilled! Kyla said her backpack had a special note of encouragement in it and Keira said her teacher this year told her she was very organized. Their mom was relieved and most grateful. Even now, in March these girls talk about their backpacks and are proud that they are still in good shape. The backpacks were of high quality and filled with great stuff! We are so grateful of your group’s generosity and are appreciative of all the time and effort it takes to head up such a project. These backpacks mean more than you know and really help the children and families.  Thank you again.